Review of 2011

Having looked back over my posts over the last year I didn’t manage to post as often as I intended but I am pretty happy with what I wrote.  I guess I’m going to try and stick to ‘quality over quantity’ this year if I can although once again I will try and post more regularly.  

It’s that time of year again when I look back at the predictions I made last year and see how I did.  Overall it’s a decent record. On the economy I got 4/6.  On politics I got 4/6 too. Although maybe I am too generous with my half marks?!  So what should I learn?  I got the big picture right –  a weakening economy, and a government still supported to carry out painful reforms because they are accepted as necessary.  

What I didn’t sufficiently appreciate that this year would be when many of the spending cuts started to be felt and when inflation would undermine consumer confidence, leading to much lower growth than expected. Once again UK inflation proved to be higher and stay higher longer than most people, including I, expected.  I probably also underestimated the ability of the government to set the agenda and the relative incompetence of the Labour party as an opposition.

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