The following is a selection of recent testimonials. They are ordered starting with maths, then economics, politics and philosophy.  References are available on request.


“My daugher Amy had been struggling in Maths at school , but with Toms brilliant tutoring, she took Maths for GCSE, AS and A2.  She achieved A and A* grades in all of her Maths exams.  A wonderful tutor. I would recommend him to everyone.”  (Mathematics GCSE and A-Level)

“Thank you so much for all the help you gave my son this year.  As well as really helping him when he has struggled with topics, you have also really increased his confidence.”  (Mathematics and Economics A-Level)

“Tom is an extremely knowledgable tutor who knows everything there is to know about the subject he teaches. He knew how to explain things and then went further into the information to gain a deeper understanding allowing the topics to be remembered. I got through several maths topic because of Tom!” (Mathematics A-Level)

“I needed extra help with my maths, now after having tom I completely understand everything he has taught me. He also taught me a way to approach maths problems which has made maths much easier for me. I would reccomend him to anyone.” (Mathematics A-Level)

“An amazing tutor! Got me from an AS ‘C’ grade to an ‘A’ at A level!” (Mathematics A-Level)

“Tom is an excellent tutor and during the exam I thought thank God I had Tom otherwise I might have broken down and I know I would not have been able to answer all of the questions.” (Mathematics GCSE)

“Tom was really good at explaining difficult concepts in Maths and made them seem easy.” (Mathematics A-Level)

“My son lacked confidence after his AS level Economics exam and felt he did not fully understand the fundamentals of the subject. Tom’s approach was excellent in that they discussed current affairs and economics scenarios rather than only looking to complete past test papers. This approach came into its own when my son was doing his second A2 paper. It was complicated and he panicked; he then fell back on the approach he had learned with Tom’s Tutoring.  By thinking the question through, as they had done during their discussions, he worked out his answer. I think this was definitely a testament to Tom’s style of teaching. I would recommend him very highly as an economics tutor.”  (Economics A-Level)

“When I first approached Tom I was seriously struggling with economics and not confident of a good grade at all!  However, Tom’s straightforward, logical explaining of key concepts really helped my understanding. By the time of the exam I was much more confident and it paid off as I secured my A grade. Thanks Tom – I couldn’t have done it without you!” (Economics A-Level)

“Tom is a fantastic tutor!! He really helped me with my exam technique especially structuring my essays and answering data questions in a more logical way. Tom’s method of explaining economic concepts using real life examples was really helpful and made them much easier to remember. He provides immediate feedback on work so I was able to learn where I was going wrong and how to improve. Thank you so much for all your time and patience!!!” (Economics A-Level)

‘Tom is an excellent tutor who was able to identify the weak areas in my work immediately. He helped me to structure all of my work and to improve my module marks considerably. Tom’s style of teaching meant that I learnt to work out the answers to questions for myself rather than him doing them for me. As a result I achieved straight A module grades in economics A level, for which i am extremely grateful!’ (Economics A Level)

“Tom managed to get me from a complete economics beginnner to a First Class mark at university. His tutoring is clear, clever and incredibly helpful!” (Economics & History Degree, Durham University)

“Tom’s methods of explaining complex problems were extremely clear and he applied textbook questions to real life examples to make answering the question a whole lot simpler. I was new to economics at AS level and achieved a high grade A. Tom also tutors me in maths in which I also got a high A. His tutorials proved to very helpful when it came down to the exams…thanks Tom!” (Economics and Maths AS Level)

Tom is really good teacher with perfect abilıty to explaiın the topics.” (Economics, MSc in Project Finance, University College London.)

“10/10… You were thorough in assessing my weaknesses when we went through past papers, and when you marked my work. You also addressed these weaknesses in the next lessons by teaching me how to remedy them. I tried out two economics tutors before you and neither matched your standard and that should be taken as testament to your quality.” (Economics A-Level)

“Tom is able to make the topics studied come alive through real world examples and context, and as a result he has made me more confident discussing and debating economic issues. His lessons have definitely contributed to my exam success and factored into my decision to study economics at university.” (Economics AS Level)

“9/10… The tutoring helped boost my confidence and I especially found the exam techniques helpful, not just for economics but for other subjects too.” (Economics, A-Level)

“We would just like to thank you for coming here and for the work and all the support you gave Nishil during the lead up to the exams. He has spoken very highly of you and the lessons have given Nishil more confidence.” (Economics, A-Level)


“Tom is the best teacher I’ve ever had and explains things so that I can actually understand them and keep them in my mind rather than just forgetting them after the exam. He managed to teach me two A-levels in three months as well as helping with university applications and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have got into Oxford without his help. Having not studied for a while I was pretty nervous, but he took the time to make sure I thoroughly grasped concepts and wasn’t just bluffing through. I really recommend studying with Tom as he provided the depth of learning and extra knowledge that makes subjects interesting and enjoyable. ”  (Politics and Economics, A Level)

‘Tom helped me achieve a grade I never thought was achievable. I found information in my college class was put across poorly and found that Tom’s clear and informative method was extremely helpful and included a good balance of relevant material. His prepared essay layout was very useful and after using it I noticed a big improvement in my work and grades. Tutoring from Tom was one the best decisions I made in college and highly recommend him for anyone who needs help with Government and Politics at A level.” (Politics A-Level)

“Tom was an excellent tutor and certainly helped me achieve a much higher grade than I expected. Not only is Tom a very capable and understanding individual; he was everything you could ask for in a tutor – reliable, friendly, organized and he knew precisely what areas of the subject needed improvement. Particularly, the essay writing structure Tom taught me was the key to getting an A grade in Politics, in addition to marking practice essays and returning them promptly with constructive feedback. We highly recommend Tom for anybody studying Politics at A-Level. ” (Politics A-Level)

“Just a line to thank you for all your help. As last year, your prompt responses and detailed insight have proved invaluable to me in finalising my essay.” (Politics Degree, Loughborough University)

I studied Politics AS and A2 with Tom and even though we didn’t have a lot of time he made it so simple for me to understand. I now feel so much more intelligent than I did before and able to discuss Politics in conversations with it not being a hassle. I really enjoyed my time with Tom and will miss my lessons. (Politics A-Level)

Philosophy & Logic

“Always punctual and professional, yet not your boring typical tutor. Genuinely felt as though he wanted you to pass as opposed to just getting paid. Quickly assessed the best way in which to help me understand the module and not only did I pass the exam, but I got a 1st! Would recommend him to anyone struggling to grasp any module or exam. Thanks for everything bro !” (Philosophy Degree, Formal Logic Module, Warwick University)

“Tom was a brilliant tutor, very insightful and helpful, without him i would have flopped!” (Philosophy A-Level)